Step 1: Meet our Sales Designers


Once you’re ready to transform your cluttered mess into a beautifully organized custom space, schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our sales designers.

  • Our designers will meet you at your home on time no matter the distance. They will travel from Marco Island to Sarasota.
  • No job is too small.
  • Each free consultation includes:
    • A face-to-face consultation to learn about your dream space
    • Precise measurements
    • Color sample selections
    • Examples of hardware and other materials

Step 2: Receive Your Designs & Quote

At MCS, we work as a team. We come together to ensure that you receive only the best designs, price, and customer service.

  • You will receive a CAD (Computer Assisted Design). With these designs, you’ll see a 3D model of your custom-tailored design.
  • A quote will be attached to your designs showing you exactly how much it would cost. We work very hard to offer competitive prices to fit your budget, with no surprises.

Step 3: Signed Contract & Production

Our goal is to hear: “Yes, I love it!”

  • The next steps are the seal of approval, a signed contract, and deposit.
  • Once everything is processed, we go straight to production, where the magic begins.

Step 4: Installation

This is the fun part. Our team makes sure everything runs smoothly. MCS installers pride themselves on hard work, dedication, and customer satisfaction.

  • Our installers are fully trained to turn dream spaces into reality.
  • For each job, our professional installers show up on time with the right materials. They make sure every piece is correctly customized and ready to build.
  • MCS keeps your space clean from start to finish. They will cover your floors before building and clean up all dust and debris when the job is done.
  • By the end of the installation, you will have the beautiful space you helped design.

Step 5: Friendly Follow Up

Expect a friendly follow up to make sure you are loving your customized space. If it’s not everything you wanted and more, we want to know!