Summer is approaching fast, which means you are probably going through the process of swapping your winter sweaters for shorts and t-shirts. It can get a little messy and chaotic, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to re-organize your closet. It’s a space you probably visit every day, so why not take the time to make it faster and easier to use? In today’s blog, we’ll be going over a few ways you can clean up your closet. Keep reading for our top tips or explore your options for a whole new custom closet with MCS Closets & More!

MCS Closets & More has been offering Fort Myers and the surrounding areas beautiful custom closets for more than 10 years. Our designers will come to you, whether you live in Marco Island or Sarasota, and we will help you build the closet space you deserve. Read on for great organizational ideas and call MCS Closets & More today for American-made, custom-built cabinetry!

Use Wall Space

Chances are that there is some blank wall space within your closet that isn’t being put to use. Especially when you live in a small space, this is valuable real estate that you can put to use. Try adding hooks or rods. If you choose soft or flat items that hang well, you can add storage space without crowding your closet. It’s a great option for hanging items like scarves, belts, or jewelry; a far better organizational tactic than keeping your accessories jumbled up in drawers. It’s also a way you can add color and texture to what was likely a plain white wall.

Utilize Built-In Drawers

Whether you are enjoying a new custom closet made by MCS Closets or you are lucky enough to have drawers already built into your closet, make sure you use them effectively. You can use them like a built-in dresser to store folded tanks and tees or use dividers to better organize small accessories, such as bracelets or watches. Drawers are particularly well suited for the harder-to-store items that don’t quite belong anywhere else. Use them for your collection of clutches or baseball hats or anything else you can think of!

Try A Shoe Organizer

If you have let your system of closet organization slide a bit, then your shoes have probably ended up in a pile on the floor. Having your boots and sandals and tennis shoes all lumped together is not only disorderly, it’s also a great way to transfer the street grime from your well-worn pair of flats onto the nice satin of your best pair of heels. Keep them clean and orderly with help from a shoe organizer. There are a lot of different types to choose from, so you can find exactly what works for your space. Try an over-the-door hanging organizer to make the most of a small closet or simply tidy up your existing system with specially made floor rack.

Sometimes, re-organizing your existing closet space isn’t enough. That’s where MCS Closets & More comes into the picture. We can design and build custom cabinetry for your space, and there is no project too small! We offer a gorgeous selection of colors, panels, and drawers and our designers will work with you to find storage and organization solutions tailor-made to fit your needs. Explore our site to learn more about our process and contact MCS Closets today to schedule your complimentary design consultation!